What Makes Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Ghee Superior Than Other Ghee?

Ghee is the main ingredient of our food. Whether it’s about cooking the food, applying on roti, or making sweets ghee is the ingredient that is remembered at the top of the list. It is not only the essential elements of the kitchen, it is also used in traditional medicines and religious rituals.

When we think about purchasing ghee then we find a long list of ghee’s brands. All these brands create a lot of confusion towards our purchase of ghee. Don’t be panic and let your choice go with Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Cow Ghee. Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Cow Ghee is the purest form of ghee and is superior to other ghee available in the market. There are a lot of things that make Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Ghee superior to others which are-

Promotes Traditionalism
Traditions are the identity that makes us different from others. Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Desi Ghee promotes traditionalism. This is the main element that makes Kashiba Dairy Farm superior to others. It doesn’t involve any machinery method in the whole ghee process. It follows the traditional Bilona Method that makes ghee pure and healthy.

Hand Churned by rural women
Churning is the process of shaking up curd or whole milk. This process is performed by hand and
machines. Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is the one that follows only the hand churning process by rural women in making ghee. Kashiba Dairy Farm not only promotes traditionalism but also promotes women’s empowerment. As all the ghee-making process is done by the rural women. They extract the milk by hand from cows then they boil milk and cool down. Later spoonful curd is mixed and kept overnight. After that, the curd is churned by hand in an earthen pot with a wooden vessel called Ravaiya. All this process is performed by the rural women.

Many Profit oriented brands adulterated the ghee. Adulterated ghee includes some chemicals, animal bodies, and vegetable oils that can harm your health. But Kashiba Dairy Farm is a brand that believes in values and ethics. No adulteration process is involved in making A2 desi ghee. So, the A2 Gir Cow Ghee is 100% pure and safe.

Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Ghee is the rich source of Omega3. Omega3 increases good cholesterol that is good for our heart. Omega3 is also beneficial for our brain development. It also helps in preventing asthma and dementia.

Organic Sources

The big source to be organic is start with the cows that are fed an organic diet. The gir cows are fed an organic diet then they are extracted milk by hands only. Further, the whole procedure is done with the hands and no machines are used in this ghee process. That’s why Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 Ghee is free from all types of chemicals and preservatives.

All these are the factors that make Kashiba Dairy Farm A2 ghee superior to other ghee. So, lead towards to be healthy and fit, involve A2 Desi Ghee in your diet. Click the link to purchase A2 Cow Ghee

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