Reasons Behind Promoting Indigenous Gir Cows

Gir cow is one of the famous Zebu breed cows, originated in India. The ‘Gir’ name of this indigenous cow is derived from ‘Gir’ forest of Gujarat. They are mainly known for their high-quality production of milk. It is resistant to hot temperatures and also high in resistance to tropical diseases.

The appearance of Gir cow is very distinctive. Their body is well proportioned and heavy. Their forehead is in a rounded shape and they have long pendulous ears. The eyes of Gir cow are hooded and black-pigmented. The horns of Gir cow are thick at the base and set well back on their heads. The skin is soft, loose, and pliable. They have a large hump which makes them identifiable different and special from others. The coat color of Gir cow varies from red to white to almost black. Gir cow is a well-known dairy breed of India to produce Pure Desi Cow Ghee.

Characteristics of Indigenous Gir Cow

• Indigenous Gir cow is considered the best breed in terms of dairy
• Gir is considered a gentle and social breed, it can be tamed very easily.
• Gir cow breed is highly adaptable and can sustain in different environments.
• It is highly resistant to diseases.
• It requires minimal maintenance structure.
• The milk value of Gir cow is high.
• The average life span of this cow is 12 -15 years.
• Milk that we get from Gir cow is considered to be of premium quality.
• The fertility rate of Gir cow is high.
• The mortality rate is low.

Reasons behind Promoting Indigenous Gir Cow

Reasons behind promoting Gir cow can’t be summarized in some words or in a paragraph. We need Gir cow as it provides us numerous magical health benefits in a form of A2 Cow Ghee in comparison to another cow breed. Here are some reasons to promote Gir cow-

Highly Nutritious- The Ghee of Gir cow is highly nutritious as it contains vitamin A, B, D, and Omega3 properties in comparison to other breeds of the cow which are highly important for a healthy lifestyle.
Easily Digestive- Gir cow ghee is easily digestive and healthy and also improves our digestive system and gives energy. It is 100% pure and organic.
Boost immunity- The various vitamins available in Gir cow ghee such as A2, E, and E are not found at this level in other breeds of ghee.
Reducing inflammation- It is said that butyrate enemas and oral butyrate are so much helpful in reducing body inflammation. They are also rich in K2 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).
Dermatological Enhancement- A2 ghee is not only beneficial for internal uses but also for containing external properties like- it can work as a natural moisturizer, can treat dry and burnt skin, work as a lip balm, and excellent home remedy for cracked heels. Click to know more External Benefits of A2 Gir Cow Ghee

So much magic nutrition we get only from Gir Cow so it is necessary to promote indigenous Gir cows to get such amazing health benefits for a lifetime by involving in our regular diet.

Kashiba Dairy Farm offers fresh and pure indigenous Desi Cow Ghee. Our A2 Ghee is unadulterated nutritious ghee that is free from artificial fertilizers or additives. Kashiba Dairy Farm is a brand that believes in quality.

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