What Our Customers Say About Our Products!

Kashiba Dairy Farm is a place surrounded by complete nature. The process of making ghee is traditional which has been followed since ancient times by our forefathers. There is no cruelty on the cows in any manner. The respect for the cows is amazing. All these results in the best quality of ghee.
Dharmesh Sisodiya
I am continuously using Kashiba Dairy Farm Product since you launched it and I must say that the product is super awesome and I recommend it to my friends also One request if you can find a good source of kesar and launch it as a product. Rest you are doing great job!
Nitin Kumar Shetty
I love this ghee, and use it in everything. I have bought it for family and friends, and they are also now hooked. As a Gujarati, I am pretty picky about my ghee, and this product comes as close as you can get to a long year ago by grandparents. It’s perfect for roasting veggies, making curries, or eating plain by the spoonful. Superb Aroma and taste.
Anil Patel
I have received my adadiya parcel. Awesome test and good packaging and main thing the delivery time is very perfect. I will order a second time very soon.
Dhruv Ranpariya
Ghee quality is superior and the taste is authentic. It’s very useful for our health. I haven’t tasted this quality of ghee. Ultimately it’s very organic, 100% natural and useful.
Dhaval Manek
EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!! Its a must have daily dose, like ghee!! One of the product which actually gives you result and after intake of only 1 month I have seen the results in my mother. Her joint pain and specially Knee pain have started to improve, which I was struggling from years and have taken dozens of waste medicines etc. I would highly recommend for all females specially in Asian countries to take for becoming more stronger internally.
Manoj Sood
My name is Dr. Dhara Chavada. I am working as a Pathologist in Mumbai. I am using this A2 Vedic Gir cow ghee since more than a year. I found it is of great quality and taste as well. I am very thankful to A2 Vedic ghee provider and that’s off to their hard work. Thanks a lot again.
Dr. Dhara Chavada
Kashiba Dairy Farm is the best dairy farm which was I never seen. All over the dairy farm is surrounded by full of nature Dairy farm have diversified organic dairy products with supporting biological cycle). As their logo says “truth is dedicated” is the one of they are truly a product. But I said one thing they still ensure quality. Hygienic conditions you may feel just entering dairy. Must visit to try all their delicious milk products.
Keyur Modi
I tried your product Vedic A2 Ghee. It’s FREAKING AMAZING!!! I also just realized that I’ve been anemic for years now!! What a change this has made to my health. It’s just brilliant!!! I want to thank you so much for doing your research and making this information and this product easily available to the public. Salute!
Kevin Shukla
I love the cow ghee made by Kashiba Dairy farm. It’s is the purest cow ghee available in the market. Kashiba not only provides good quality products but also are efficient in making it reach to us on time. Kudos to you, and keep the good work up.
Sonal Vyas